Paperclip Theology
The Miracle of Eager Anticipation

You will never look at life the same again. If you need hope for tomorrow, this is the message you need to hear! Learn how to take your perspective and rearrange it according to the Word of God. If you've ever wanted to remind God of your troubles, let this message change your life!

You will learn:

  • God's loving and powerful response to those who feel like he has forgotten them
  • The secret to living with joy and abundance
  • The key to soaring like an eagle

This presentation will put a smile on your face, hope in your heart, a song on your lips and a paperclip on your lapel.

Disclaimer: this message is not a "feel good" message with a bunch of platitudes. The author has lived through way too much life struggle to give a presentation that makes you feel good for 45 minutes, but no better off than you were before. If you will apply these truths, your life will change. And that is a promise based not on the hopes of an imperfect speaker, but on the power of the Word of Almighty God.

7 Secrets Of Incredibly Blessed People

Have you ever wondered why there are some people that just seem to walk through life blessed? What is it about them that seems to open the doors around them? Whether they know it or not, they have implemented the keys that God has given in order to live a blessed, exciting and influential life.

You will learn:

  • the mindset that is key to blessing from God
  • one action that will transform your daily activities
  • how to look at people differently than ever before.
  • the attitude that blessed people carry with them everywhere

A two part message, this training is filled with step by step practical information. As he prepares for every talk, Vance continually demands an answer to the question. So what does this mean and how do I apply these truths when I get up tomorrow morning and start my day." You will find those answers throughout this presentation.

Make Your Life Count

Throughout life people want to wait. Students want to wait until they graduate. Graduates want to wait until they get married and settle down. Parents want to wait until the kids are gone. Those who are working want to wait until they retire.

What are they are waiting for? To make a difference in the world. Don't wait - start now! In this message, Vance will show you from Scripture what God has said, and from history what others have done, so that you will have the practical steps you need to transform the world in which you live.

You will learn:

  • you can make a difference, no matter what age, gender or nationality you are
  • you have the ability, time and resources - no matter who you are
  • how not to fail by failing to plan
  • God is eager to use your life in ways you can only imagine

Everyone knows that the bottom line in life is our relationship with God and with people. But where do you start? This presentation will show you how. What difference will you make?

Pray about it! Dream about it! Plan for it! Do it!

Trusting God When Life Doesn't Make Sense

This series may very well be the single most important and life changing message you ever bring to your people. Every great person in Scripture and throughout history, without exception, has experienced frustration and pressure. But, unlike most people who quit because of discouragement, these people learned the power behind the pain and harnessed it for great good.

You will learn:

  • How the struggles can be your greatest ally
  • How people can view frustrations in a completely different light
  • 3 life changing tools that will enable people to stop complaining and start learning
  • The secret that allows people to see pressure for what it is designed to be

The power of this presentation comes from Vance's personal experience. This is not stuff that he read in a book. In his life, he has lived through the complete loss of health and 14 failed businesses. Drawing from this wealth of experience, he shows people how to discover the phenomenal lessons they can't learn anywhere else except in the crucible of pressure. No one has to be discouraged - they can be encouraged, knowing that they are on the brink of personal breakthrough!

What Others Are Saying

"Vance is a man who lives for Jesus Christ, has a deep understanding of God's word, and has the gift of communicating it effectively."
Don Faul
Managing Partner
The Gensler Group
"One of the greatest strengths that Vance brings to his sermons is that he is outreach oriented, and he models this in his actions. He lives within the world with a goal of helping others to the best of his ability. Vance's style is highly motivational.his skilled delivery helps him to maintain the listener's focus."
Timothy Hasey
Chairman of the Board of Deacons
Clayton Valley Church
"Vance Hardisty is one of the most gifted teachers/communicators I know."
Sean Blomquist
Senior Pastor
Shelter Church
""Authentic" "Thought provoking" "fresh new thoughts based on God's Word" these are just a few of things that our congregation has remarked from the teaching ministry of Dr. Vance Hardisty. Seldom does a Senior Pastor entrust his teaching time to others outside of his church, but Dr. Hardisty is one of those grand exceptions!"
Ray Schwartz
Senior Pastor
Creekside Community Church
"The series was so well received that he was asked back to teach it again the following year as the key note speaker."
Dr. Randall Andersen
Senior Pastor
Antioch United Methodist Church
"With passion, compassion, creativity, and humor Vance imparts fresh insight into God's Word in a way that transforms lives."
Rev.Larry Walkemeyer Th.B, M.Div., D.Min. (candidacy)
Sr. Pastor
Light & Life Christian Fellowship
"He is articulate, insightful, and yet practical in his interpretation and application of Scripture"
Jon McNeff
Senior Pastor
North Creek Church
"Vance's background, education, integrity and zeal for spiritual renewal commend him as a significant resource for the church at large."
Doug Stevens
The Renewal Project

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Barbara Hasey

Addvantage Bookkeeping Services
�Vance loves people and brings God into people�s world. He is passionate, truly gifted and makes the Word of God real.�

Kathy Young

Homeschool and Ministry Events Coordinator
�Extremely inspiring � thought provoking � passionate. He does everything with integrity.�

Rae Johnson

Health and Weight Coach
�I was so impressed and so touched. You made the Word of God so clear.�

Sunny Nunes

Technician II
Del Monte Foods
�He holds an audience with his stories. He inspires me every time I hear him. I love to hear him talk. He has a great sense of humor. He makes God�s plan clear in my life.�

Don Faul

Managing Partner
The Gensler Group
�Every time I have heard you teach God has moved through you. You have a gift and bring Scripture to life.�

Alexandria Lafferty

Math and Science Teacher
�He is an excellent speaker� a lot of enthusiasm and makes God�s Word understandable for anyone at any age.�

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