Tough Times in Business?
Here's how to make those times work for you.

What happens when the economy goes sideways, there are internal conflicts, the company has grown too fast or any number of pressures threaten to derail your dream? These are the times that either will break you or make you into what you were meant to be.

What you'll learn:

  • How the struggles can be your company's greatest ally
  • How people can view frustrations in a completely different light
  • 3 life changing tools that will enable people to stop complaining and start learning
  • The secret that allows people to see pressure for what it is designed to be

Vance will enable you to:

  • Create a positive, dynamic atmosphere that will enhance everyone's outlook and accomplishments
  • Develop resiliency that promotes successful daily habits
  • Become people who can transform themselves and the company they are in

The power of this presentation comes from Vance's personal experience - the complete loss of health and 14 failed businesses. Drawing from this wealth of experience, he shows you how to discover phenomenal lessons you can't learn anywhere else. Don't be discouraged, be encouraged, you are on the brink of business, relationship and personal breakthrough!

Leadership Secrets
What the greatest leaders of history understood

The greatest leaders in the world, those who left the most incredible legacies, understood a seldom spoken, yet indispensable and powerful secret - servant leadership. Using the lives of leaders from politics, sports, history and religion, Vance shows how you can utilize the little known keys of greatness effectively to transform the world of business.

What you'll learn:

  • Why many leaders find it difficult to lead effectively
  • How to get people to follow you, and enjoy it
  • The one core belief that you must have as a leader and how to get it
  • The trap many new and established leaders fall into that subconsciously destroys their influence
  • 3 keys to lifting other people's spirits and inspiring hope for tomorrow

Vance will enable you to:

  • Lead successfully, understanding the secrets to giving people a vision for the future
  • Enjoy a more effective leadership with a team that respects and admires you and your direction
  • Confidently approach each project knowing the keys to successful team leadership

Great leaders are not necessarily those who have the biggest name and reputation in business, greatness is about those who leave a legacy with their lives.

Rave reviews

"Vance is a powerful communicator. His passion and authenticity on stage leave audiences inspired and filled with hope. His practical teaching gives them clear steps to follow that will transform their lives."

James Malinchak

"Two-Time College Speaker of the Year!"
Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul
Star of the TV show, The Big Money Entrepreneur™

Kimberly Romero

Limitless Today
"My business has been transformed. Vance helped me get a $60k contract"

Mike Lafferty

Jiloa Consulting
"Vance is a dynamic speaker!"

Dr. Russ Sheppel

Dentist - Developer
Sheppel Enterprises
"Vance shines, he's a gifted communicator."

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