Tough Times In College?
No worries, here's how to have a great college experience

This program dives into the challenges that students face while in school, no matter if they are freshmen, sophomores, juniors or seniors ' whether they are trying to adapt to college life, looking for a job, or working within a campus organization.

What your students will learn:

  • How struggles can be their greatest ally during their college years
  • How to view frustrations, like an obnoxious roommate or a difficult professor, in a completely different light
  • 3 life changing tools that will enable your students to stop complaining and start learning
  • The secret that allows students to see pressure for what it is designed to be

Vance will enable your students to:

  • Think positively and dynamically, enhancing their college experience and their outlook on life
  • Develop resiliency that enables them to embrace challenges and take risks
  • Become students who transform their surroundings with an attitude that loves all that life has to offer them.

The power of this presentation comes from Vance's personal experience. This is not stuff that he read in a book. He has lived through the complete loss of health and 14 failed businesses. Drawing from this wealth of experience, he shows your students how to discover phenomenal lessons they can't learn anywhere else except in the crucible of pressure. No one has to be discouraged - they can be encouraged, knowing that they are on the brink of college, relationship and personal breakthrough!

Leadership Development
Learning the shared skills and qualities of the greatest leaders in history

The greatest leaders in the world, those who left the most incredible legacies, understood a seldom spoken, yet indispensable and powerful secret ' servant leadership. Using the lives of leaders from politics, sports, history and religion, Vance shows how students can use the little known keys of greatness to effectively transform the world of college.

What your students will learn:

  • Why many leaders find it difficult to lead effectively
  • How to get people to follow them, and enjoy it
  • The one core belief that a leader must have and how to get it
  • The trap many new leaders fall into that subconsciously destroys their influence
  • 3 keys to lifting other people's spirits and inspiring hope for tomorrow

Vance will enable your students to:

  • Lead successfully, understanding the secrets to giving people a vision for the future
  • Enjoy a more effective leadership with a team that respects and admires them
  • Confidently approach each project knowing the keys to successful team leadership

Warning: this is not a presentation to inform students about the definition of leadership. This is leadership on a level rarely taught. It is about what a person is on the inside, not the position a person fills.

Secrets of Successful College Students

Whether you are a freshman just entering orientation, or a returning student, Vance gives the secrets behind having a successful college experience, figuring out just exactly why he or she is at college and where they are going after college, by introducing students to the mindsets of the most successful people on the planet.

Vance will show your students:

  • How to pursue the absolute best in their daily lives
  • 3 tools that will turn barriers into possibilities
  • How to find friends that are good for life
  • How to find a mentor
  • How to pick a major
  • The key that will make every problem an opportunity

Don't be mistaken. This is not a talk about what society typically defines as successful. Bigger, better and faster don't figure anywhere in this presentation. This type of success is about lifestyle not acquisitions.

Make Your Life Count ' Right Now In College

This generation gets it more than any other generation. Students know that it isn't all about them. Oh yeah, money, job and power all have their place, but there is something that outweighs them all ' significance and purpose. Without these two, life is just taking up time and space.

Your students will learn how to:

  • Choose now to make a difference
  • Refuse to live the status quo
  • Establish habits that will make them people of influence on campus
  • Begin disciplines that will carry them to significance throughout life
  • Select classes, friendships, activities and professors based on a radically new perspective
  • Demand a new level of excellence from themselves, others and life

Like the other programs in this series, your students will not be merely encouraged or challenged. They will be given practical steps they can take in order to live life in a transformational way.

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